Pool Table Rubber Installation 

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How long do Rubber/Rail Cushions last?

How much Action and Play does the Pool Table get? Your average home table might get 3-5 hours a week, but a table in a pool room might get 60 hours a week. Rubber also ages with time. You should change rubber out when you can see and feel, they are going dead and banking is becoming a guessing game. If there is no bounce on a table, or a thump, then you know the rubber is shot.

Back in the day, they used the very best rubber, and they only guaranteed it to last 10 years. That is still a good rule of thumb. So if your table has been in play for 10 years or more and the rails have gotten slower, it's time to put on new rubber.

Don't try this yourself, it is a complicated job to do right which takes a lot of experience. There is a lot of time and labor in this job, to remove the rails, take the rails back to our shop, put the new rubber on, recover the rails with new cloth, change the playing surface cloth, and re-level it. It's an expensive job, but your table will once again play, like it’s brand new.

Rail Assembly

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