Pool & Snooker Cue Repairs

"We have been Doing Cue Repairs Since 1963"

Why Pay Store or Mall Prices

 At Ricks Billiard Tables

We Do a Wide Range of Pool & Snooker Cue Repairs 

Remove and Install New Tips

Remove and Install New Furrels ( Brass or Fibre )

Dent and Scratch Repair 

Shaft Tapering

Pro Shaft Tapering

Bent Pin Replacement

Joint Repairs & Replacement

Joint or Butt Ring Replacement

Strip and Refinish Shafts/Butt or Whole Cue

Used Refurbished Cues and Rakes also Available (Call for Availabity)

Also Available:

We also Custom Manufacture:

* We Also Make Custom or Standard Pool or Snooker Cue Racks *

* We Also Make Custom or Standard Corner Stand Up Cue Racks *

* We Also Make Custom or Standard Ball Racks *

* We Also Make Custom or Standard Scoreboards *

Everything is Custom Built In House

Text or Call Rick at (647) 961-1637

"To discuss what Repairs are Needed"