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If you would Like to Tell us More in regards to what you are Seeking in a Quality Pre-Owned Table, as we have over 56 Years of Experience and many Sources to Draw from, which allows Ricks Billiard Tables,

 To find the Perfect Quality Pre-Owned Pool Table for You or Your Family

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We Sell an awful lot of Quality Pre-Owned Tables through our website and you WILL GET EXACTLY WHAT YOU SEE.

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All of our Quality Pre-Owned Tables Include:

All in Pricing (Pay No Tax)

Free Delivery & Installation:

Free Brand New Cloth ( Your Choice of Cloth Colour )

Free Standard Accessories: (Or you can choose to upgrade your accessories Package)

Free 6 Month Warrenty ( Excludes Cloth, Pockets & Accessories )



(Try this on for Size)

#1 Buying a Brand New Table from a Shopping Mall. Way Way Over Priced? Choice?

Minimun Wage Sales Staff that Lack Knowledge, & its JUST a Job to them!


  1. #2 Buying from Kijiji. Can you Trust them? m?

Sold as is, do you actually know what you buying, so you have to take their word on everything!


#3 Buying from Craigslist. Can you Trust them?

Sold as is, do you actually know what you buying, so you have to take their word on everything!


#4 Buying or Selling to Family or Friends. We know how that Goes?

Sold as is, do you actually know what you buying, so you have to take their word on everything!


#5 Ordering online from a Large Retail Company. Very Scary?

Browse, Decide, Order, Pay, and its NOT as Advertised Now What!


Think about the Questions Below!

  • #1 Table Looks Pretty and in Great Shape......But is it Really.
  • #2 Is the Frame Thick/Strong enough to carry the load of the slate (525-825lbs).....Effects Stability and Level.
  • #3 Is the Cloth in Good Shape? .....Replacement cost ($300-600) to replace.
  • #4 Is the Slate Cracked?.....If cracked, not worth replacing.
  • #5 Are the Rubbers/Bumpers good, or have they Dried out?......Replacement cost ($500-850)
  • #6 Are the Leg Supports actually strong enough the carry the Heavy Load?....Effects Stability and Level.
  • #7 Are the Legs Cracked or Weak?......Effects Stability and Level.
  • #8 Are the Pockets in good Shape?....Replacement Cost (395+)
  • #9 Are the Rail panels Secure?....If not Secure can fall off or cause damage to rail.
  • #10 Do the Rails/Bumpers fasten to the framed slate or directly to the slates?....Wont give a very good Bounce.
  • #11 Are the Pocket Irons Cracked or Broken?....Replacement Cost (395+) If they can acutally still be Purchased.
  • #12 Is ALL the Hardware ACTUALLY there?....Some parts can NOT be Purchased.
  • #13 Are the Accessories all there, and in Good Shape (Cues, Balls, Cover, Rack, Triangle, Rake....Replacement cost ($200+)
  • #14 Not that you Want to Purchase the Pool Table, how about the Cost to Actually Move it.....($390-680)

 "Now that I have Given you Something to Think about"

Is it Actually a Great Deal ????

  1. But when you buy a Pool Table from Ricks Billiard Tables, you are not just Buying a Pool Table
  2. but you are also getting our Many Years of Knowledge and Experience,
  3. but it also means you will be getting a Full Warranty, as well as Giving you Peace of Mind!

So if Your Actually Serious about Purchasing a Pool Table

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